Driving Biotherapeutic R&D

BioGaia Pharma AB is a daughter company to BioGaia AB applying 25 years of probiotic experience to the research and development of new biotherapeutic product platforms.

Through an established network of research institutions and companies, BioGaia Pharma’s mission is to match early research on candidates from the microbiome with unmet medical needs to develop drug platforms.

BioGaia Pharma identifies opportunities and selects projects at discovery or pre-clinical stage with a well-defined medical need and will take viable therapeutic drug platforms through regulatory, product and clinical development phases.  Platforms will be out-licensed at a suitable phase of development.

Microbial candidates will have the potential to prevent or treat disease either by influencing the host microbiome or through a direct communication with the body.

Product Pipeline

Based on our preclinical data, BioGaia Pharma has selected two indications to pursue. We are currently in the development phase of two projects in preparation for clinical study entry.

Simultaneously, BioGaia Pharma is evaluating several other relevant indications where a bacterial therapeutic could be of benefit.

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